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Goal Confusion and Granny Shots

Common Confusion This weeks topic is based on a common question I receive from parents: “Can you fix her kick?” I love it because it’s such a loaded question — it addresses the result or outcome within the game and confuses the real issue. In the youth game “kicking” is confused with several technical skills…

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Why Player Development Doesn’t Occur

Why Good Things Don’t Happen One of the things I’ve been witnessing the past few months is why good things don’t happen, or better yet, why aren’t kids getting better even though they’re playing more games, practicing more often, playing up levels etc.  Even though more access to paid coaches and coaches who’ve played the…

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Is the Grass Greener?

Looking for what’s best ‘Tis the season for the annual summer process of parents and kids looking beyond the current season and looking to do what’s best for their child. Selecting a TEAM for your daughter or son: I do many recommendations for private clients that work with me on an annual basis and help…

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Can Your Player Play in the Three Planes of Play?

X, Y and Z: Planes of Play A dynamic and special player can play in multiple planes of play. How I explain this to players and parents is the graphical dimensions of X,Y and Z to map the field. X being the forward and backward axis: changing directions, running with the ball, passing, the low…

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If you build it...For Soccer Players Only.

New Academy Series

Exciting things are happening at LeftFoot Coaching Academy! At LeftFoot, we strive to offer your child the best soccer experience and most accurate coaching for their development. After years of development of the LeftFoot way, we have decided to update our current coaching strategy and evolve towards a progressive training methodology suited toward meeting the…

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Moving Forward

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote a thousand times before, “If you build it, they will come.” I’m not sure that is exactly why or how I started LeftFoot Coaching Academy, but it’s been part of the experience ever since. Now, past our second anniversary, I’ve met over 500 parents and players that I wouldn’t…

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A Home for You

It’s the idea of 1% better every day… which, five years ago– I realized what was truly missing from youth soccer.

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If You’re Winning All Your Games at U12, You’re Doing Something Wrong.

  This is an age old coaching maxim to youth coaches and something that dawned on me as my u12’s finished their league season undefeated. I have also been training another u12 team at C2 that finished their season undefeated as well. In some respects I’ve been able to finish a “first” with a perfect…

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Private Soccer Training?

For all the “talk” of technical development in soccer there lacks a presence of mind within the coaching relationship for body awareness.

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The Challenge & The Myth of LeftFoot Coaching Academy

The Challenge and the Myth Recently a soccer facility opened in Minneapolis this past December to provide players and adults the opportunity to play futsal on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, it closed its doors just three months later. Immediately I knew how and why he needed to close his doors, because last March I faced…

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