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Winter 2012 Preview

Winter Calendar Preview

Train Every Night! Do you want to get better, faster, and play soccer every night? Does your club or team not offer enough training? Do you want ACCESS to train when you want, what time you want and with whom you want? Do you need the OPPORTUNITY to get better? Do you want the FLEXIBILITY…

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My Favorite Place

This place to me is not just a training facility, not just any old building or field, this is my home. Where no one can hurt you but only help you.

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The Foundation Series

During my recent trip to Kentucky in October, I participated in a MasterMind group that tore apart my business, my training and everything about my life in conjunction with my values. The second day was spent re-building my business, the vision and finding out what core values are the foundation of LeftFoot Coaching Academy. I…

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Developing strong egos in players

Parents often come to LeftFoot Coaching Academy in search of help for their children. The list is long in reasons but the most common theme is to build confidence.  I think of confidence as the assurances of the child in technical application of a repeated and applied skill. That the more they can apply a…

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No Pull Backs!

We are hurting our players! The dynamics of youth soccer: unlimited substitutions, full court pressure, too many games and tournaments and not enough quality repetitions with the ball in a dynamic manner are hurting players. Players from a young age learn that to stop the ball is to control the ball. And that control ultimately…

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