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Goal Confusion and Granny Shots

Common Confusion This weeks topic is based on a common question I receive from parents: “Can you fix her kick?” I love it because it’s such a loaded question — it addresses the result or outcome within the game and confuses the real issue. In the youth game “kicking” is confused with several technical skills…

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If you build it...For Soccer Players Only.

The Difference that Makes a Difference

Striving to Be Different This week I had a series of insights about what I’m trying to create and how I’m going about that process–not to mention purchasing a building to create a permanent home for soccer players in the Twin Cities. I started writing about the differences in playing level, about the differences in…

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Why Player Development Doesn’t Occur

Why Good Things Don’t Happen One of the things I’ve been witnessing the past few months is why good things don’t happen, or better yet, why aren’t kids getting better even though they’re playing more games, practicing more often, playing up levels etc.  Even though more access to paid coaches and coaches who’ve played the…

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No Throw Away Players.

“meet the player where they are at and take them where they could be.”

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How do you know you are getting better?

Each year I get the request to help a player score more goals–to get better at shooting. And it’s one of those common subjects that has so many variables that it’s difficult to gauge improvement. This past month at LeftFoot Coaching Academy I’ve been creating activities and coaching sessions that build in player accountability for…

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Develop More Than Speed

Multi-directional speed, acceleration and deceleration movements including the 12 stances of athletic development, movement, and power.

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