September Sunshine

Christian Isquierdo, Master Coach

8 September 2017

We’re Back!
Back from Italy and inspired again to renew the vision of LeftFoot Soccer Academy. (Yes, that’s different then the “coaching academy” aspect of LeftFoot.) Either way, here’s what you can expect for the next couple of weeks leading into the second term of the First Trimester.
Privado Scheduling Model
Between September 18th – October 26th we are in the LeftFoot Privado™ model of scheduling services. Semi-Private Coaching Sessions are 45 minutes with 4-6 players for Youth through Senior Academy. One on One Coaching Sessions are 30 minutes, full field for six weeks with me or Zack.

Check out a handy guide to everything for the next eight weeks, with an easy schedule to reserve your spot. Plus, the Academy Enrollment Deadlines and a secret project is hinted at inside.

Go directly online to visit the schedule in our scheduling software. Online sales of the Privado are not possible, we must package the products to directly enroll you programming at LeftFoot. (Done For You!) But you do need to reserve and pay an invoice.

Visit our schedule directly via web browser or check out the Master Schedule through Pike13 (formely Front Desk!)

Program Reservation Form

You gotta feel the difference.

Long time students, practicing the strength and technique of BallStriking.

The Privado Model allows us to get smaller and more focused on fitting your needs into our structured coaching environment. Clients, members and students can choose between premium services, such as an SPC: Reserve Plan or the full on Privado. The LeftFoot Fast-Pass is a random assortment of 4, 6, or 8 sessions.

Once clients, students and members reserve spots by September 18th any classes without reservations are cancelled for the remaining term.

“She can’t wait to get back to LeftFoot to work with you,” Happy Mom text of a Leftie

Good, Better & Best
Good:  Schedule individual sessions at $45/session on your own terms for your students’ Academy Series progression (youth, junior or senior)
Better: Reserve a Six Week SPC for $35/ for six weeks Monday – Thursday, including Saturdays for Youth and Junior Academy. Members Only.
Best: Reserve a Six Week Privado with 30 minutes for One on One Premium Coaching and 45 minutes of SPC programming.

“Work hard, rest well. “

Core Value of LeftFoot: Effort

Academy Series 

November through April

We will resume our 75 minute sessions for the Academy Series programming working directly with Students from the Tuition Plans. Students enrolled in the Academy Tuition Plans can begin scheduling today with the ability to reschedule and cancel up to 24 hours in advance. Don’t be too over – eager to schedule, but know that you can!. This year’s term begins October 29th and runs through March 30th, 2018.  Tuition Deadline for November is October 16.


Memberships no longer renew automatically as of August 1st, 2017. You will need to purchase and renew online to receive discounts and access to the premium programming such as Privado’s, Fast-Pass discounts, North Star Alignment services and College Prep programs. If you are applying for the Student Tuition Plan to receive guaranteed services Nov-April then you need to have a Membership.
Student Tuition Plans
The final reservation for November Tuition Plans are being reserved currently. New and returning clients to the Academy MUST APPLY through an Academy Trial Application to become Members of the Academy.
Preference for remaining Tuition Plans are given to current Members, clients that have enrolled in Summer 2017 programs and siblings of current students. For more information about Tuition Plans refer to the the following links. November Tuition Plans are required to have a downpayment by October 1st to secure enrollment.