1) Temporarily Limiting Coaching Capacity 

On January 4th, 2016 our core staff will consist of three individuals who will both coach and administrate our client load. Charlie Zubal, Jake Shiltz, and myself, founder Christian Isquierdo, will take over the entire operations and membership of LeftFoot to prioritize a client load that fits within our time demands. We anticipate being able to manage 250-300 clients within the LeftFoot6 model for the next few months, expanding capacity throughout 2016 as we add high caliber staff.

2) Condensing Daily Time Slots & Programs

To address the limited capacity to both coach and administrate, our schedule will be reduced to a maximum model of Sunday – Wednesday. Additional Thursday and Saturday time-slots will be at a lower capacity as we allocate part time shifts to several core part-time coaches that can be called in to help from time to time. Once we fix the primary issues that are hampering our operations we will be able to open up more coaching options. Developmental One on One Coaching and The LeftFoot Privado will see a price increase and exclusivity within the limited coaching schedules.

3) Streamline Operations

 As part of the transition to our new software, multiple “systems errors” have occurred. We are prioritizing building the capacity and the internal processes from a big picture view with attention to the little details that make a significant impact and make our systems user friendly.  We are adding functionality and processes on a daily basis. As a LeftFoot member we ask for your patience and support as we make this challenging transition and realize that we will have limited ability to respond to your questions.  For the first time in years, we will have to deny or cancel memberships to reduce client loads. If you need to get off the bus, we’ll stop to let you off gracefully. If you stay on for the ride, then we’ll make sure we do it right for you going forward.

4) Increase in attention. Increase in Price.

Charlie, Jake and myself will have an intimate experience with every aspect of the business. We’ve been paying extremely close attention to our client profiling and setup procedures so that we can “finally” track everything there is to do with a client to address a big picture question: “Who is our client?” and “What are they working on?” Because of this we need to reduce our membership, increase our attention to detail and rebuild our coaching staff to address the systems we need in place. This also means that the exclusivity to work with us will demand an increase in prices for Fast-Passes and annual memberships.

5) Saying goodbye and thank you to friends and coaches.

Logan Meadows will be moving to Germany in January to follow his heart. Andy Lorei will be leaving “again” to pursue a professional career. Anthony and Mulenga will be transitioning their career away from LeftFoot to pursue other options. Please say goodbye and thank you as everyone leaves. This is a sad but true reality as we challenge the operating system of what it means to be a LeftFoot Coach– we say goodbye respectfully and with gratitude.

6) Reboot & Rebuild

Charlie and I have been working together since November 2013 on the values and practices of what it means to be a LeftFoot Coach. As close friends, partners, and implementers Charlie and I know what to rebuild and reboot as we focus on building a culture of great coaching at LeftFoot.
In summary, we are having to systematically reboot the business model, cost structure, client management systems and operations to do so — and painfully we have to pull together in this challenging time.
Although this has been personally trying, my son reminded me of something I say to players when things are not going well: “You can lose, but never quit.”  I won’t quit. My wife, my son and several others won’t let me, and deep inside I’m not done, not yet.

7. Calling On Our Interns.

We’re going to rebuild with one of our greatest assets, our students.
Our senior class is our largest, most refined and skilled pool of talent I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching.
We’ll be calling on you to help us in this time of need.
We need our students to come back, help us rebuild the culture, the systems and details that made them the great players they are today so that LeftFoot can continue to be a home for soccer players and coaches.
This will take time, patience, hard work and discipline.
This will be a defining moment for us.
This will be LeftFoot6 in it’s entirety and vision.
We’ll release our schedule in the coming days.
All Ways Your Coach,