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A MasterMind Game Visit to focus on the player – what are they doing, what else can we add to private coaching?

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One on One Coaching with Christian isn’t available in any other program or offering at LeftFoot Coaching Academy for LeftFoot 2017.

Targeted Development

Include specific homework for the player each week as part of the design. This aspect works on the mental game and adds to the overall process of the coaching off the field and between the ears.


In the MasterMind Sessions, each 2 hour experience is designed to focus on the player. Players in the cohort group support the overall lesson and development over the course of 5 months.

Advanced Development

In 2013 the MasterMind Coaching option was developed by Mark Abboud and Christian Isquierdo as a way to work with private clients over the course of several months. We wanted to do more than just go to a game, we wanted to integrate our view of the game, with specific lessons, support, coaching off the field and add to the idea that coaching is more than just what happens on the field in a training session.

The Little Things

The Little Things Make Big Differences. At LeftFoot we wanted to return to the premium services that made us known for great coaching, belonging to the life of the player and guiding that player through the journey of youth coaching by being with them every step of the way.

Fully Responsive

Soccer lessons aren’t always isolated outside of the game. That’s why we designed the MasterMind Coaching program to allow for customized sessions that each player supports. The One on One Premium Options allow for players to bring single, flexible sessions on the full field with a training partner to fully integrate the game experience with the One on One Coaching.

MasterMind Coaching Session

The MasterMind Group Coaching sessions allow for the session design to utilize the entire group for the one player. Each player gets 30-45 minutes of specific work they need and want in their development for the group to support. Choose from six sessions with your 4 pack class, we’ll cancel the lowest attended class for you to reschedule.

MasterMind One on One

One on One Premium Coaching for the summer. Christian uses his full field in the Academy to work with MasterMind Clients and a Senior Academy Coaching Partner to maximize repetitions and movement within the training session. Schedule 4 One on One sessions between June 12th and September 15th.

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