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The Challenge

Finding the time and space in your schedule to take a risk.

You want to get better. You want provide the opportunity for your player to improve, develop confidence, get that extra support that they don’t get at practice – You don’t have time to figure out LeftFoot.
Try finding the time, space and courage to try to schedule yourself online into something you don’t understand. You don’t even understand soccer. Why all the options? But you’ve seen other kids get better, you know that LeftFoot is the place you want to try and make work.
Our challenge is similar. We already have great kids, great families and clients we love to work with. We know what we do well and while it’s nice to meet new people, new kids and new parents we don’t always have the space to fit in problems, challenging parents, and people who “don’t get it.” We also know our rhythms, our schedule, and for us it’s easy too. The key is scheduling. And you’ll have to do it when you start with us. 


The Solution

The Academy Trial Application

We want to work with players and families that are committed to becoming the best players they can be, and they are willing to be held accountable to learning and mastering skills. 
  •  4 sessions to randomly schedule into our group programming
  • 1 Trial Coaching Call – to discuss your player, share observations, develop a coaching plan of action
  • 1 Membership Interview – to go over the plan of action – make recommendations for future programming.

The Academy Trial Application is something we’ve done for over seven years to work with new families and new players. It works to develop a relationship, offer you a chance to try us out and see for yourself why we get results. 


We may not be the right fit.

We want to work with players and families that are committed to becoming the best players they can be, and they are willing to be held accountable to learning and mastering skills. No wimps, whining, complaining, or crying that the other players are better than you.

You came looking for us.

If you came looking for us because we do things differently, then we want to work with you, too. Don’t be that guy who wants us to be like everyone else – that’s not us and we don’t want to be like everyone else.


Coaching Call



Assume Less Space & Seek Efficiency

by Master Coach | Creative BallStriking Session

Dear Fellow Soccer Parent,

Is your child asking for more skills — more instruction – in how to become a better player? Are they looking to make the next level team, but you don’t know how to help them? Or are you looking for something different than another camp or clinic? Are you looking for coaching without bias about position, the “team” or self-interest?

Maybe you’ve seen how several players from your team or community are making remarkable progress and growth on and off the field? Did they let you in on their secret? We often are a secret weapon that parents keep to themselves but so do the kids. 

If you found your way through the reviews and testimonials online you probably are focused on getting results.  If you found out about LeftFoot Coaching Academy through seeing our success on the field and looked us up, then we know it’s hard to figure out how to get your player better when we work with everyone from ages 9 -22.

We’re not for everyone. Just the right ones.

We’ve had tons of people try us, but the ones who stick to the tasks, flow with the seasonal changes of youth soccer and understand that technique is what makes the difference on the soccer field — well then,  that’s why we’re known for what we do. 

If you’re looking for that something/someone special to help your child breakthough the limitations that they are facing on the pitch then you found us.

LeftFoot started as a select group of dedicated soccer players and parents that were lookng for additional training once or twice a week but they wanted the flexibility of scheduling as well as a commited and intensive coaching environment that guaranteed their players’ success. 

If you are looking for something different, something beyond what everyone else does, then I invite you to start your Academy Trial Application today.

Be sure to read through our checklist to confirm that this is really what you should do! We do want you to read, go through tutorials and schedule yourself, show us that you’re ready to join an exclusive group in the Twin Cities that has a culture of winning, skills and dedication. 

All Ways Your Coach,

Christian Isquierdo, M.A

Founder & Master Coach



We Are Exclusive

Make One Player Great

Our core philosophy is to make one player outstanding. There’s just another 11 players with that one we’re focused on each session. We work tirelessly to make sure our clients reach their goals. 

Long Term Growth

We’ve seen our “kids” at u11 grow up, go to college, and come back to coach with us as they continued their playing career. Because of this relationship spots don’t open up. We don’t fill a dome with 60 players on a Friday night. Just 12 players from around the state with 5 coaches, who are students of coaching. 

No Fluff. No Fun.

Don’t expect your kid to like it. They’ll love it, but only if they truly want to get better. If they desire focus, discipline, expertise and crave a community that strives for creative excellence they can’t wait to come back. If they just want to play – go somewhere else. We don’t want them anyways. 

” I just needed to let you know that our daughter (age 14) scored her first goal over the weekend.  My husband and I immediately looked at each other and said, I guess we’ll be joining LeftFoot! This may not mean much to many players or parents of LeftFoot, but to our daughter and us — it meant the world.  It wasn’t so much that she scored the goal, it was the newfound confidence and drive with which she played that impressed us. The goal was just the icing on the cake!

Parent in Trial

Eden Prairie, U14 Girl

Now Let me be Frank

As you may have read, LeftFoot get’s results. We’re not about hype,fun, or fluff. We’re not going to promise you a spot on the team. We’re not going to be fun dad. We’re not a six week clinic or one week camp where you just sign up and attend on Tuesday nights. We started training elite players at the National level and found that Minnesota soccer palyers were not able to compete at the Regional or National level without a solid foundation of technical speed, functional training and attitude that’s required to be at the top. Our players dominate Minnesota after they’ve been Academy students for at least six months. 

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then this is NOT FOR YOU!. We teach through failure. We coach through high expectations. We practice with discipline. We strive for the higest quality of technical excellence that some are intimidated. We’re seasonal, so things change. If you, the parent, have raised a kid who can handle that environment, and you, yourself, are engaged enough to work WITH US, then we’re the place for you. You found your home, your tribe. 

So You Are Ready To Do This!? Really?

Check your schedule.

Review Schedule

Check Your Schedule & Ours!

Be sure we’re accepting Trial Applications and that you can attend Monday – Thursday at the specific time. During October – April we have to limit space to our dedicated members, actually, we prefer to work with our members who support us, and then we try to fit you in. (you’d want the same treatment, right?)

Be sure to know if your player fits in the Youth, Junior or Senior Academy progression, see if there’s space in your schedule and ours, then continue. 

Check our schedule

Depending on the Season

Are we open?

What Time Is It?

Game time, huh! Actually, depending on the time of the year we don’t accept random Trial Applications to the Academy, then during the summer we only accept Applications for Membership through the LeftFoot Accelerators. (That’s a camp, sorry, gotta do that in the summer.) But really, we make it a really cool experience for the new kids. 

Seriously, check the enrollment seasons! And know that there’s a good time to be the new kid, and a not so good time. 

Open Season

Enrollment Seasons

Review the Terms

Review Terms & Conditions

Review Our Terms & Conditions of Coaching Services. 

You’re not special. You don’t get special exceptions to our policies. We don’t exchange, refund, extend, credit, trade or whatever else you want us to try to do. We coach soccer. We’re good at it. We get results. Don’t buy something and then want special treatment because you think your player is the next greatest thing. Actually, we already train the next greatest thing and they don’t get special treatment either. 

Check it out


Submit Your Application

Purchase & Apply

Once you fill in the form with “Your Story” we’ll send off all the data and have it migrated into our scheduling service, Pike13. You’ll receive a Welcome Home email with a login for you, the parent. Your player or players will have separate accounts. We’ll apply four Trial: “Your Age” Academy Series sessions to your dashboard in about 24 hours. 


We Think of Everything

We’ll give you a chance to tell us your story, but first we want to see your player jump into the Academy. And remember, we’ve done this a lot, so we know it’s your first time. 

Membership builds the Academy for Everyone

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