Scheduling at LeftFoot

LeftFoot is a seasonal program dedicated to allowing our premium facility and coaches the chance to work with players when they most want to work. The Five Seasons of LeftFoot are split up in our high and low demands for extra coaching. We’ll try to give you an overview here…

Consistent Schedule

Scheduling that extra day of quality touches.

LeftFoot started with the idea of Access, Opportunity and Flexibility for every player to get the best coaching, competition and chance to get better without having to worry. Working with the elite players of the state and managing a high level traveling team allowed us to figure out some core principles of scheduling dedicated players with busy schedules.

Our Core Values ask us to envision the best possible solution for a facility, great coaches, and great families to all have the best chance to dedicate themselves to having the chance to workout together. It’s not how we do what we do, it’s why we do what’s right for you.


Random Packs

Increments of 4,6 or 8 for Members and Students of the Academy to enroll in random sessions. A “Fast-Pass” expires One Month from the date of purchase (technically we give you 5 weeks). Prices vary by season and availability. Click on the FP to be taken to the Academy Shop on Pike13. 


Tuition Plans

Guaranteed Access to the Academy Series sessions.  Tuition Plans allow players and families to schedule into regular sessions at a guaranteed price and access.  Most families enroll in classes weekly, but their monthly payment plans allow for standard pricing throughout the year.


Premium Coaching.

Done with you: The LeftFoot Privado™, MasterMind Coaching™ and Semi-Private Coaching: Reserve Plans™ are geared toward players and families that want exclusive access and dedicated scheduling for their supplemental coaching. Members Only. Schedule a Member Guidance Call for Premium Service. 

Pick a Day

Any Day. 

We might offer something. Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo, runs Academy programs Monday – Thursday. Foundation and Combination Series coaches offer spots on their own to private clients and small groups. Just pick a day, there might be something. Check the schedule below.

Schedule Links

LeftFoot VIII One of the goals of LeftFoot is to make scheduling consistent and grant access to a wide variety of players to attend and have opportunities to play. Our Master Coach Model gives instruction throughout the week, where as our Weekend -...