Morgan Turner
Nominated for:  Great Player Award

Throughout her youth, Morgan had to prove to people that she wasn’t just an athletic person, but also a talented soccer player. To do this, Morgan dedicated much of her time to soccer. She rarely missed a game, practice, tournament, or LeftFoot session unless she already had another soccer related commitment. It was through playing all of this soccer and coming to LeftFoot that helped Morgan develop her footskills and the ability to use her power without fear of failure.  Her commitment to the game earned her the opportunity to play Division 1 soccer at DePaul University.

Mackenzie Langdok
Nominated for:  Great Player Award

Mackenzie, this year’s Ms. Soccer Class 2A, overcame the struggles of being cut from a team she worked so hard to be a part of.  Instead of taking the easy way out and giving up, Mackenzie chose to make herself better.  She’s spent countless hours in the weight room, on the field, at LeftFoot and travelling just to play the game she loves.  With her dedication to the game, Mackenzie gained footskills and confidence which helped her make the ECNL team.  This coming fall, Mackenzie will continue her soccer career at the University of Minnesota.

Taylor Lock
Nominated for:  Great Player Award

Taylor started playing soccer at her local club on the C3 team.  Unhappy with her current playing situation, Taylor decided to take matters in her own hands to reach her goals of playing collegiate soccer.  Putting numerous hours in the weight room and attending multiple training sessions a day paid off for Taylor.  In a few years time, Taylor earned a spot playing at the ECNL level.  Through her extensive work on her own, with her team, and at LeftFoot, she earned the opportunity to play Division 1 soccer at South Dakota State University this upcoming fall.

Lizzie Ambre
Nominated for:  Great Player Award, Erik Dumer Intern of the Year

For years, Lizzie played on the same premier team with the same group of girls.  Then her junior year came around and she was relegated to the C1 level.  Shocked and upset because she had never experienced this before, Lizzie decided to commit herself to improving everyday by training at LeftFoot and training on her own.  With all the extra training, Lizzie decided to focus on her goal of helping Benilde- St. Margaret’s soccer team make a run for the state title again.  Through her hard work, she earned a captain’s position and a state title her senior year.

Austyn Kimbrell
Nominated for:  Maia Lundstrom C2 to Varsity Award

Austyn’s soccer journey began by jumping around from club to club without a lot of consistency.  Through all of this change, Austyn was presented with the challenge of overcoming low confidence and finding a place she was valued.  LeftFoot became her new soccer home.  Austyn’s tenacity and drive to succeed propelled her through the ranks of the Academy. Eventually, she reached the creative series and made the Varsity team at Washburn High School where she had the chance to play in the state tournament.

Molly Hennessy
Nominated for:  Maia Lundstrom C2 to Varsity Award, Ole’ Reliable Award

Molly began her soccer journey in sixth grade as a c3 player for Edina Soccer Club and ended her competitive career starting for her high school varsity program. While she made her way through the ranks of Minnesota soccer, Molly’s path was not easy. Having to battle coaches who didn’t believe in her along with ankle injuries did not phase her. Molly worked hard and earned her position by practicing on her own everyday to get better and attending sessions at LeftFoot. Never one to shy away from hard work, Molly takes challenges head on and excels at them.

Kyle Bergevin
Nominated for:  Erik Dumer Intern of the Year Award

At the beginning of Kyle’s soccer career, he was a shy and quiet individual.  Wanting to grow as a player, he decided to watch more soccer, play with a ball every chance he got, and attend sessions at LeftFoot.  Throughout his time at the Academy, there is no challenge that Kyle has not overcome.  Every challenge presented to Kyle, he has mastered and perfected. He attributes this success to his dedication to the game.  This dedication earned him a captain role on both his club team and his high school team his senior year.

Mariah LeBre
Nominated for:  Comeback Player Award

Mariah came into the Academy as a 5’7” girl who worked with six and seven year olds in the foundation series.  Being older and bigger than all of the players she worked with was frustrating for Mariah, but she didn’t let that stop her.  She kept improving and working hard to master the skills required of her and eventually, she made it into the combination series.  This fall, she has been invited to try out for the University of St. Thomas women’s soccer team.

Sam Miller
Nominated for:  Comeback Player Award

There was hardly a time in Sam’s life where she wasn’t playing soccer.  She dedicated numerous hours to her own improvement but coaches did not seem to value her.  Having to battle constant negativity took its toll on Sam and she decided to take a break from soccer.  During this time, she still attended sessions at LeftFoot.  After a year of recollection, Sam decided her passion for the game was too strong to be sidelined so she laced up her cleats and returned to the field with a newfound confidence in herself.  This fall, Sam will continue playing the game she loves as a member of the intramural program at the University of Kansas.

Stephanie Wallace
Nominated for:  Comeback Player Award

Stephanie began playing soccer at four years old and ever since, the ball was glued to her feet. She worked her way up from toe-poking every pass to playing in the Elite Clubs National League.  But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Stephanie.  Throughout her career, Stephanie suffered from numerous injuries, including two ACL tears, that kept her from playing the game she loves.  Being constantly injured did not make Stephanie’s love of the game lessen.  She committed herself to staying around the game, and healing so that she could still be involved.

MaKenzie Morris
Nominated for:  Ole’ Reliable Award

MaKenzie’s soccer journey started at a C2 level and by the time she finished, she made her club’s premier team.  She committed herself to getting better by attending training sessions at LeftFoot and training on her own every day.  All of this extra training helped MaKenzie gain confidence in herself and her abilities.  While MaKenzie will not play soccer this fall, she plans on helping other players from a medical perspective by studying exercise science.

Katie Zabel
Nominated for:  Ole’ Reliable Award

Throughout Katie’s journey, the first thing everyone saw was her small size instead of her capabilities as a soccer player.  Katie came to LeftFoot wanting to prove others wrong; her size did not define her as a player.  Although she was never the biggest or strongest player, her heart and love for the game are second to none.  She put in endless hours of extra work on her own and at LeftFoot to become the most consistent player she could be.  All of Katie’s hard work paid off as this fall she will be attending South Dakota State University where she will play soccer for the Jackrabbits.