When one thing is done, elevate the rest

Christian Isquierdo, M.A.


I love coaching. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a pure pleasure to nurture children, inspire, guide, challenge, teach and lift others up to new heights. I am a social coach to some degree and in a One on One setting for soccer, I’ve been gifted with the ability and the opportunity to hone my craft over years of study.

Having spent thousands of sessions refining my techniques to teach and allow a player to experience technical efficiency I’m ready to allow what I’ve learned to grow into something new. In fact, I’ve witnessed the beauty of watching my own students grow up to teach others what I’ve taught them.


"You just made me smile! She came home tonight with a smile on her face and hungry!!"


“We need to re-think our approach to teaching, empowering, mentoring and guiding how we introduce students to the LeftFoot Way.”

There’s a simple satisfaction in watching a player grow up and see them on a daily basis. You look forward to being with them. You know that there’s a lesson in the moment of failure, an opportunity to experience growth. A moment of Zen.

In the moment and within the relationship you have only so much time to witness what’s possible for that person, the young adult who wants to learn a skill. And it’s not just soccer they are learning. Sure, it’s a ball, and their body, but they are learning grit, determination, failure, success, wonder, grace, discipline and patience.

And that is why I knew I needed to change the way I was approaching teaching coaches at LeftFoot. We had to re-think our approach to teaching, hiring and learning how to introduce students to new coaches.


GURU MODEL — I’m not sure I like the idea of the being a Guru of Coaching. As a parent expressed in his vision of LeftFoot moving forward, I was the “teacher” or leader that taught my students, who then turned and taught new students.

It’s not that I hadn’t seen that at work in the Academy. We saw Anna, Syd, Kaija, Rayni, Dani and Zack lead students at LeftFoot through the experience of the culture with the first hand knowledge of how and why “we do what we do, and why”.

So it became an opportunity to lead, to write, document and think through – how will we create a Foundation Course for One on One Coaching at LeftFoot? What will we do to license our coaching methods for my students to teach more students.

The Master Coach Model that we introduced this winter as part of LeftFoot 2017 re-organized how we ran sessions, it allowed us to be more personal, pay more attention and go back to our roots of One on One in a group setting.

It’s still a work in progress, in fact, it’s a three year journey that I set out to renew a vision to create LeftFoot as a home for players. This past year has been a wonderful journey fraught with difficulty, pain, embarrassment and hope.

In the days and weeks ahead my students are coming home to teach new players under my guidance, it will be the first summer of a “pure” LeftFoot staff. Not one coach in the Academy will not have been a student of mine since we’ve opened. In fact, our staff is a LeftFoot staff, born from the Academy and have risen from the ashes of our potential closure to come home, rebuild and design the Future of One on One Coaching.



“When my daughter thinks of LeftFoot she knows she has her strength, mental toughness and inspiration all in one coach.”


A Twist

The Tibetan Master Sogyal Rinpoche once remarked that there are striking parallels between David Bohm’s model of the universe and the Buddhist *bardo* teachings, as they both “spring from a vision of wholeness.”

David Bohm and The Holographic Universe

Written By Marina Jones:: March 31st, 2014

This summer I welcome you to try what’s unique about LeftFoot and what’s even better. This re-birth, has allowed me to go back to our roots of being about the one kid in the session, for a longer term and a better overall experience for everyone. As I tell my new students, it’s as if we only ever have one client in each session. What would we do if we had only one person to focus on?

Then do the same thing as many times as you can in one day. As we set upon our first ever, Foundation One on One Coaching Course, we’ll invite members and students between the ages of 9 and 14 to come into our Practicum Space, come help our students learn how to coach with me in the Academy.

Stay tuned. The Future of One on One Coaching is about to unfold.