LeftFoot Coaching is running several referral incentives to reward our members, coaches and families who have been supporting us. We’re ready to start growing our Coaching Ranks and we’re looking at taking in more students who can also benefit from our design.

We’re kicking off our spring season with a free soccer jersey campaign, as well as other promotional discounts for members and students looking to renew their membership or add premium services to supercharge their current programs. Here’s how it works:

Recruit a player to enroll in an Academy trial and get a free soccer jersey.

Invite a friend to sign up for an Academy trial and we’ll give you the free neon-green shirt. Use it during your sessions or outside soccer practice to show your pride in being a Leftie.

Free Soccer Jersey Campaign from LeftFoot Coaching Academy

Refer at least two friends and be in the drawing for our Summer Privado program.

Our Privados are so popular, they’re always sold out. This time though, we’ll reserve a special place for you in our program if you refer two friends to purchase an Academy trial. Not only that, if you’re a trial enrollee yourself, we will add two more sessions to your trial package for free. The Academy trial promotion runs until April 5th, 2018.

Students get 30% discount on our Spring Privado.

Our Spring Privado is one of the most groundbreaking programs that we’ve come out with in the past few years. We love doing these Privado sessions, and our students can’t stop talking about them. Those who have been with us for years and are active participants in our Privado will get a 30% discount when they enroll in the forthcoming season.

If you love being in an environment where your friends, older brother or sister, neighbors and schoolmates are there, then let them know about LeftFoot Coaching Academy’s spring programs. Share this post on your Facebook timeline or give a friend a call. The Spring Referral Program runs for the entire month.

Learn more about our programs by visiting http://leftfootcoaching.com or call our coaches at +1 612-545-5273.

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