Creative Series

Creative Series

The Creative Series

  • Mastery of LeftFoot BallStriking™
  • LFC Tactical Training
  • Attacking Awareness Sessions
  • S>A>B>E>R Training

The Creative Series will have students mastering many of the necessary skills for being a brilliant, visionary and dynamic player. It will concentrate on mastery of ball striking techniques, tactical training, advanced attacking techniques and advanced resistance training. Successful mastery of the Creative Series will prepare students for the Elite Technical series.

About The Author

Christian Isquierdo

After 21 years of coaching with a long list of soccer accomplishments including two High School State Championships, Christian developed LeftFoot Coaching Academy. His unique background which includes studies in Zen Buddhism, movement psychology and the martial arts, has lead to the creation of a truly extraordinary approach to youth soccer coaching now referred to in his upcoming book, The LeftFoot Way of Coaching. With his passion and love of the game — it’s no mystery why LeftFoot Coaching has become a locally and nationally renown program. Christian founded LeftFoot in 2010 after going undefeated through club and high school the entire season en route to a #1 Nationally ranked team.


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