Author: Xian Isquierdo

Crossing the Finish Line

I referred to March 10th, 2016 as the “Finish Line” internally– with my close friends and supporters. Through the LeftFoot6 Reboot and “The Future of LeftFoot” email I made my family two promises. For one, that I’d be off the field soon, that the Sunday-Wednesday was a short term fix and not a long term solution. It couldn’t be, my body and my mind couldn’t handle the hours any longer. The second promise was that I would do my best to “go all in” and whole-heartedly build LeftFoot to continue into the future without me. I’d build staff, processes, coaches...

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Rebuilding the LeftFoot6 Operating System

1) Temporarily Limiting Coaching Capacity  On January 4th, 2016 our core staff will consist of three individuals who will both coach and administrate our client load. Charlie Zubal, Jake Shiltz, and myself, founder Christian Isquierdo, will take over the entire operations and membership of LeftFoot to prioritize a client load that fits within our time demands. We anticipate being able to manage 250-300 clients within the LeftFoot6 model for the next few months, expanding capacity throughout 2016 as we add high caliber staff. 2) Condensing Daily Time Slots & Programs To address the limited capacity to both coach and...

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Pigtails & Soccer

Pigtails for seniors in high school on Senior Night.

Under the lights with their families and friends cheering them on. You don’t get that in club soccer. When I left coaching teams full time in 2010, the part of the year I missed the most was high school soccer in the fall. This season I’ve watched some amazing stories that went through our Academy–which before LeftFoot– it wasn’t possible.

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The LeftFoot Coach

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” — Leonardo da Vinci I think I surprised too many people last week with the idea that I will be leaving LeftFoot. I’m answering this question the most over the weekend rather than LeftFoot6. It’s not that I’m leaving LeftFoot, but I am starting to transition. I’m leaving the operations of LeftFoot in several stages to pursue two projects that we felt were not in the scope of LeftFoot Coaching Academy but needed my attention. And the problem is I love coaching players so it was a difficult choice of how to move...

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