Author: Rayni Pemble

June 2017 Announcements

Morgan Turner Nominated for:  Great Player Award Throughout her youth, Morgan had to prove to people that she wasn’t just an athletic person, but also a talented soccer player. To do this, Morgan dedicated much of her time to soccer. She rarely missed a game, practice, tournament, or LeftFoot session unless she already had another soccer related commitment. It was through playing all of this soccer and coming to LeftFoot that helped Morgan develop her footskills and the ability to use her power without fear of failure.  Her commitment to the game earned her the opportunity to play Division 1 soccer at DePaul University. Mackenzie Langdok Nominated for:  Great Player Award Mackenzie, this year’s Ms. Soccer Class 2A, overcame the struggles of being cut from a team she worked so hard to be a part of.  Instead of taking the easy way out and giving up, Mackenzie chose to make herself better.  She’s spent countless hours in the weight room, on the field, at LeftFoot and travelling just to play the game she loves.  With her dedication to the game, Mackenzie gained footskills and confidence which helped her make the ECNL team.  This coming fall, Mackenzie will continue her soccer career at the University of Minnesota. Taylor Lock Nominated for:  Great Player Award Taylor started playing soccer at her local club on the C3 team.  Unhappy with her current...

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