Author: Christian Isquierdo

September 2017 Announcements

Announcements September Sunshine Christian Isquierdo, Master Coach 8 September 2017 We’re Back! Back from Italy and inspired again to renew the vision of LeftFoot Soccer Academy. (Yes, that’s different then the “coaching academy” aspect of LeftFoot.) Either way, here’s what you can expect for the next couple of weeks leading into the second term of the First Trimester. Privado Scheduling Model Between September 18th – October 26th we are in the LeftFoot Privado™ model of scheduling services. Semi-Private Coaching Sessions are 45 minutes with 4-6 players for Youth through Senior Academy. One on One Coaching Sessions are 30 minutes, full field for...

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Technique and Decisions

 Ways to make a difference CHRISTIAN ISQUIERDO, M.A. Master Coach & Founder In the past few weeks I’ve been scouting and attending games of LeftFoot players throughout the state. In some way, it’s been difficult to see that not much has changed in the seven years that I’ve been away from the game competitively. Beyond the coaching points of the MasterMind Coaching program I thought I’d share some perspective on how to make an impact as a player. It’s the challenge of the youth athlete: how to make up for the differences– and which ones are the difference that make...

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Thank you- Summer 2017

Thank you for supporting us, coaching your player. LeftFoot 2017 LeftFoot Simply Coaching. Ask me to kick a ball and I’ll break down each step, make it simple and easy to understand. Ask me how to schedule at LeftFoot and it’s too difficult. Six Strategies to Rebuild Three Student Tiers: Clients, Members and Students with Tuition Plans Tuition Plans for each Academy that “flood visits” and organize payments; tuition is set up as a “prepaid” system. Introduction of the Master Coach Model . Licensing and Expansion Priority development toward a LeftFoot Coach Licensing Model with One on One Coaching and Foundation Coaching as the first introductory models. Refinement of the Senior Academy and Foundation Coach Licensing Summer Programming is organized to restrict coaching to a smaller Academy while designed to fit the Tuition Plans into eight payments. LeftFoot 2017 LeftFoot...

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