About the Academy

The LeftFoot Coaching Academy

The LeftFoot Coaching Academy (LFC) started with 3 players and 1 coach in November  of 2008.  The idea was to create an environment where each player could continue to work with one coach outside of the traditional camp, clinic and team environment that were the standard options.

It was private one-on-one coaching geared toward passionate, creative, technical players. Then 3 grew to 5 then 8 and then 12. At that point we moved to a semi-private group model that provided ACCESS, FLEXIBILITY and OPPORTUNITIES to training that spanned over several hours a month.

LeftFoot was an idea that said, "you'll never be cut, benched, thrown-away or taught to pass to the faster player. You'll be taught to be that special player and we'll stay positive, focused, demanding, passionate and a community of like-minded families, players, parents and coaches."

In June of 2010, several "Lefties" won the grand-prize trip to South Africa for their positive contributions to the broader community as well as LeftFoot Coaching Academy's ideals of creating community with a soccer ball outside of the local gene-pool.

The winter of  2010 brought over 40 students and families together to open a 10,000 sq ft facility. From over 18 different clubs in the metro area--each have had resounding success--families and players wanted more attention, more commitment from participating players and a diversity of skill unlike any other program in the state. Most of the success is based on the format, environment and coaching that has made a difference in each players' lives and skills.

Based in South Minneapolis, the Academy has a year-round training facility for players from around the state to come and develop into phenomenal, special players. Access is limited each year and membership has grown to over 120 players in less than a year.

The idea behind the LeftFoot Coaching Academy was to create an environment that would draw the most dedicated players from around the state, regardless of playing ability, into a small group training environment that would allow each player to focus on getting better as a player, not as a team. What's more is that players can stay with their community club and still receive long-term professional development.

There are no pressures to win, no fears of getting benched, no large field tactics, no screaming, no bad mistakes, and no useless drills.

At the same time, LFC is a club-free environment where players are barred from wearing "club wear" or recruiting. LFC is designed to be a " soccer home" for players to always have a place to play no matter their club, team or school.

Players dedicated to their own personal development come to the LeftFoot Coaching Academy to develop into special players. They go back to their community clubs and shine.

Each week there are over 20 different sessions available: Academy sessions for four levels of players including special sessions for Ball Striking, Footskills, Speed & Agility and Aerial Warfare! Each class is limited to either 8-12 players, but prime time spots may open to 12 players from time to time.

Our spots are limited, but since there are so many offerings every player gets to choose when they want to train, how often, and what they want to develop. Join now or come in for a FREE Week Trial anytime and see what the excitement is about.

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