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A soccer specific, player-oriented coaching center founded in 2010 to serve the needs of individual soccer players by providing them access to great coaching.


We Are A Coaching Academy

Our specialty is taking players from their current level of play and advancing them to the NEXT Level. Academy players represent every advanced level of play in the state and nation: MYSA, Premier, CI, C2, C3, MRL, Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), ODP, US Development Academy, Division I collegiate soccer, Division II & III collegiate soccer as well as recreational.

Over 25 local community clubs have players that specifically develop their technical skills at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. In 2012 the teams that won the U14 and U15 MYSA State Championships and went Premier had 5 “Lefties” each. The U16′s State Runner-Ups had 3!

Focus on Coaching

  • Trial Applicant

    We start by observing players in our Academy Series progressions or One on One Coaching sessions. We evaluate your player using a variety of mobile applications.

  • Feedback

    We document and follow up with parents to ensure we’re focusing on your goals. We use several applications to analyze the technical skills of the player. We’ll help you understand what needs improvement and what we will do to help your player.

  • Receive E-mail

    We use a sophisticated email system to keep our clients up to date and involved. Emails with links to exclusive information helps keep busy parents involved. This is our way to keep our focus on coaching not marketing!

Working with your player

  • One on One Coaching

    Most players relish the opportunity to work directly with a coach to fine tune or learn skills. Our coaching process breaks down valuable skills to improve all players.

  • Semi-Private Coaching

    We offer a shorter, more intense option for players that want a small group of four players with one coach. Our Semi-Private Coaching focuses on the tactical repetition of our skill sets.

  • Academy Series

    Our Academy Series sessions are the mainstay program that we’ve designed to fully instruct players in an interactive and high energy session of 75 minutes.

Mobile Scheduling

We have our very own mobile app to help parents schedule and reschedule sessions whenever they want!

Basic Questions...

Centrally Located

LeftFoot Coaching Academy is located at 6022 Pillsbury Ave in south Minneapolis just off of Crosstown (Highway 62) and 35W. We have our own 10,000 sq. ft. facility devoted entirely to training soccer players. We don’t run leagues, run tournaments or rent to clubs. Therefore every hour, every day, every session is completely devoted to developing players.

Pick a Night. Pick a Day. Come Everyday if you wish.

We are every night! We are open every day, excluding holidays and some seasonal vacations for our coaches and administrators. Sessions start at 3:15 daily and range between 30 – 75 minutes in length. We are open year-round. There’s not one night for you to train and have access. Players can come any day, any week and twice on Sunday’s if they want! (We don’t recommend it, but it’s possible!) Players 11 and older can have access to schedule in any one of 80 sessions weekly. The biggest issue, is not that we’re not open, it’s can you get here!?

Just for Players.

LeftFoot Coaching Academy is for the player and family that wants maximum FLEXIBILITY in scheduling, maximum OPPORTUNITY to get better by training with better players and wants to take advantage of having maximum ACCESS to sessions, coaching and players. Our philosophy orients towards players that want to get better and therefore do not have to rely on their teams, coaches or clubs to provide them “training.” If you have sought out a community of dedicated players to create ONE “soccer home” then you found us!

 Tuition Plan

The costs of creating a flexible, sustainable, dedicated environment where you could have the opportunity to have a private session or be with sixteen phenomenal players from around the state can only be sustained with a monthly tuition within an annual commitment.  We deliver extra-ordinary value through the summer and winter with maximum scheduling access, great coaching and most importantly– results!

How Do I Join?

We are NOT a training program that you just pay to get in… but a coaching program that helps players and families get the best results they can for their children. Because of this we screen for the best fit of both coaching relationships, child determination, family involvement and flexibility through a One Month Trial Application. We choose who we want to work with to help get the best results possible and we want to enjoy the relationship too!

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