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See for yourself what hundreds of families and players experience everyday as we change the way youth soccer develops players.

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Navigating LeftFoot requires observation of your player to guide you on a path through the Academy. Start an Academy Trial Orientation Today!


Scheduling coaching sessions in the Academy on a daily basis is part of our values of creating ACCESS to great coaching, the chance to strike a ball or play with better players.


Confidence is built through hours of struggle honing techniques that separate the best players from the rest. The "magic" of LeftFoot is players work on their personal goals first.


Using our custom iPhone/iPad app, families and players can book, reschedule and browse through coaching sessions anytime they want!

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Academy Applications

Starting your Academy Trial Application is the first step in the process of joining LeftFoot. Students and families go through a five step journey to start the coaching relationship here. Afterwards, we invite select players to continue to learn and develop at LeftFoot.

Closed We will not be accepting new clients until November

Ultimate Trial Experience

Premium Experience

One on One coaching is the heart of our Academy and a great way to introduce your child to LeftFoot.  As a second option to enter the Academy, the Ultimate Trial Experience offers three Academy sessions, two One on One Coaching sessions, and one Semi-Private Coaching session.

ClosedWe will not be accepting new clients until November




Blogs: Thoughts & Ideas

Academy Founder, Christian Isquierdo, M.A. began blogging in 2007 as a way to educate parents and families behind the scenes about youth soccer. With over 300 posts on an array of topics he continues to challenge the status quo of youth soccer with his weekly posts to over 2,300 subscribers nationally

Why We Are Different


On Your Side

We recognize that players develop within a family unit and that parents need as much coaching and guidance as players through the journey of youth soccer. Consulting families on decisions that make a difference in their lives is a key part of the success of LeftFoot students. We have no affiliation or preference of clubs and are strictly club neutral.

Academy Series

Skills Based Progressions

The Academy Series is our group methodology of training individual skills within a curriculum designed for soccer players. Our three primary Series progressions advance players through a 52 week course emphasizing skill introductions, competition and mastery of the skill within game situations.