LeftFoot Coaching Academy

Challenging the Paradigm of Youth Soccer Training

LeftFoot Coaching Academy

Challenging the Paradigm of Youth Soccer Training

LeftFoot Coaching Academy

Challenging the Paradigm of Youth Soccer Training

LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a renowned provider of youth soccer training in Minnesota. We’ve pioneered a successful, scientific-based training method, informed by our decades of experience in sports performance training and science. Creating great players is our unique gift, and we continue to revisit our programs to ensure that our clients get the results they specifically want.

The First and The Visionary

Being one of the most recognized youth soccer academies in Minnesota has led us to work with thousand of players through the ten years since our founding. This has allowed us to identify the challenges that most young players face when training in a large camp, club or team between ages 10-21. Our coaching and development program breaks down age and skill barriers for our students, and veers away from outdated soccer pedagogy, to make their training comfortable and something they look forward to every single day.

Review our Core Values of Coaching and consider why your child needs these critical values toward their experimenting and creative pathway toward success in youth soccer.

Year Long

We typically work with an exclusive clientele to manage winter, spring and summer programming over the youth journey through soccer. Our curriculum spans five years of total youth soccer development.


With limited space, flexible options, we utilize a variety of business models to structure coaching services. We only work with 12 players in a session with 5 coaches. for a 3:1 ratio with Master Coach support in our Academy Series progressions.


What works for U9’s in the fall doesn’t work with HS Seniors in the summer. Seasons change, programs stay the same and different options for different people.


Our tuition packages range between $900 – $2,500 for the year. That’s why we have a structured methodology; not only in our coaching curriculum, but in our process for working with new clients.

What Lefties Are Saying

From Student to Leader

“I knew LeftFoot would have a big impact on my life, soccer-wise, but I never thought it would have such a huge influence on the type of person I would become. Looking back, I can honestly say my journey through LeftFoot made me into the person I am today. From training, to interning, to becoming a coach, each step helped me mature.”

– Dani Nelson

All Summer Long

I am not sure what you are doing in your June Intensive but Haley is having more soccer fun than I have seen her have in a long time. She asked me if she could go in July and August, and she also said she wished it went on all summer. She loves every aspect: from the classroom, to the strength and conditioning to the actual soccer playing. We also noticed a difference in her game playing this week that could only be described as “Left Foot” influenced. Thank you so much for all you do at Left Foot, not only improving their soccer playing, but more importantly making them better, more confident people in the process.
~ Stacey Steel

“It’s amazing to see you go from player to player and coach to coach, your energy and passion for every detail of the session can be seen. And my kids love to be able to play and learn against your coaches. We never got the opportunity to work with you before, but we’re excited now.”

– David Cole, Father of one of our students

We Wish We Would Have Found You Sooner

“Thanks for helping her to acquire the skills necessary to be successful and this level and the next but more importantly for making it fun for her again.Finally, we found Christian. One conversation was all we needed — his philosophy of creating a fun, safe soccer “home” to try new things and develop your skills and knowledge of soccer was a perfect fit. As our daughter continued working with Christian, we saw her become more comfortable with the ball at her feet and saw great improvement in her game. He is also helping us navigate the world of club soccer as we make a plan for Alexis’ future. As for what we would have done at U11, we would have found you sooner!! Also a team that focused on technique early on and developing the player at that age level. ” Rich and Shelly Gannon

Three Things Every Parent Should Know About Club Soccer

We have to remember why kids play the game: because it’s fun.
Why do they quit? Because it’s no longer fun and they didn’t learn the skills of the game.

Finding an adult in your child’s life that can mentor, foster and lead while still teaching and coaching soccer success is a community experience that engages us all. Navigating your childs’ experience through the Academy Trial Application is the first step in becoming a member of our journey together. Our coaches are former students who have grown up in the Academy and nurture the future by giving back and playing. 



Attended, Currently a Player or Committed to these schools.


Coaches Deserve More

Coaches are everything to a player. They are phsyician, inspirtation, guidance, strength and leadership. They can crush the spirt or lift a child to beyond anything they belived was possible. It’s the economics behind coaching that we have to change if we’ll create a way for coaches to give back to children in sustainable, enriching and positive ways. 

The LeftFoot Coaching Academy model was developed in 2008 to address the demands of private soccer coaching. The business models draw from subscriptions to innovative skills based progressions which allow for groups of players to train and collaborate in their development. Learn more about not just our technical coaching license, but our business licensing as well. 

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