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Summer Accelerator

Our one week "Accelerators" include focused study on our most requested topics: footskills, ball striking and first touch. Our innovative format includes two One-on-One coaching sessions.

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Facility to create great players


Ms. Soccer Award Winners




Full-Time Coaches


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LeftFoot6 - All Ways Make Our Home Great

There is no handbook for creating a Soccer Home™ for soccer players and coaches in youth soccer. Since 2008, we've pushed the envelope to become more innovative in creating great players while successfully duplicating our success for each individual that walks through our doors. From 2 Ms. Soccer Award winners, to hundreds of players who've learned proper technique, we've challenged the ideas behind camps and clinics and created a "coaching renaissance."  LeftFoot6 is our newest "operating system" that creates more options for players and families to get involved, expanded access to stay active with private coaching and even more flexibility to fit our great coaching through your entire journey of youth soccer.

  • 1

    Why, What, How

    The why, what, and how of LeftFoot6.

"All Ways" implies several options along the path to greatness. Our Academy of Coaches creates a Soccer Home™ for players and coaches to come together and build relationships that last years, not weeks or seasons.

  • Once a Leftie All Ways a Leftie
  • Coaching Within Trimesters
  • An Academy of Coaches
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    Coaching Options

    Options, Opportunities, and Opinions

Every player is different and our Great Player Model of Development™ has created hundreds of successful players locally that have gone on to greatness. Guidance in Coaching helps families figure out how best to work with a flexible model while still producing great results.  Our new LeftFoot Wheel of Practice™ organizes our Course Catalog for every family to figure out whats best for them.

  • Guidance in Coaching
  • Catalog of Options
  • An Always Open Experience
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    Youth Academy

    The journey through youth soccer begins for players ages 9-12.

Starting players at LeftFoot while they are still building technical proficiency between the ages of nine and twelve allows them to learn the fundamentals of our renowned skills progressions.  Our Youth Academy is divided into three progressions; they start the journey at LeftFoot in Youth Academy 1 and accelerate their learning in our Youth Academy 2.  We host a talented pool of young players that travel state-wide to be with other great young players in our Youth Academy 3.

  • Start with Youth Academy 1
  • Steep in a skills heavy learning pool for Youth Academy 2
  • Train in a state-wide talent pool for Youth Academy 3
  • 4

    Junior Academy

    Players in the middle of their journey - ages 13-16 who want to get better.

Our Junior Academy is designed for players who are fighting for the top spots at the C1 and Premier level or looking to make the next level team at their community club.  With three progressions of skills - our Academy Series progressions are renowned for being the difference between a top team game changer and a non impact player.

  • Over Six Days a Week of Scheduling Acccess
  • New Course Options to Guarantee Success
  • Smaller Sessions for Semi-Private Coaching
  • 5

    Senior Academy

    At the end of the Journey, give back and stay involved in new ways.

For our 16- 19 year olds that founded the Academy we've created new ways to stay involved, earn money for college and give back to LeftFoot while still having a great time doing what you love. Choose from four tracks to work out, jump into training sessions, support younger players and make a difference.

  • Elite Series for One on One and Semi-Private Coaching
  • Training Partners jump into sessions to get extra touches
  • Internships pay for college with full time jobs in the summer
  • Receive extra coaching by becoming a Young Coach

Reviews From Happy Clients

"We have been incredibly blessed getting to know you and being a part of LeftFoot Coaching Academy.  Both of our girls have grown so much on and off the field and I credit YOU with a ton of the advancement, skill development, mental toughness and confidence that Jenna and Jessie have both experienced over the past three years.  For that we are forever grateful!! THANK YOU!!!!!"

Mike and Linda Roux
Parents of Jenna & Jessie Roux

"I can say with certainty that LeftFoot has significantly improved Nick's game...Nick has grown mentally, physically, and technically, perhaps more importantly I've witnessed importantly life lessons like 'showing up' , having a plan, a goal, etc. that will serve him for years to come. In such a short time you've had an everlasting impact on our son. I am grateful to you and your staff for your efforts."

Paul Wilson
Father of Nick Wilson

"Hard to imagine where Lane would be without LeftfFoot.  Probably not playing Premier soccer.  What a wonderful "return on investment".  We all look forward to his upcoming school and club seasons...and of course more Leftfoot.  I can't wait to see what next year brings. Thanks Christian.  You guys are the best.

Brian Lipshultz
Father of Lane Lipshultz

"As I watched off and on last night, I was really impressed with your coaches and their interaction with the kids….What a great job you’re doing coaching kids and developing coaches.

Marlene Mohs
Mother of Courtney Mohs

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